The Rideau Ferry Inn

About the Rideau Ferry Inn

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As the new owners of The Rideau Ferry Inn, we have enormous passion and enthusiasm for the tourism industry, for we too, are travelers at heart. With many years of experience, we understand what it takes to create a wonderful vacation for you, our customer.

Our goal is to make a positive and memorable impression on all of our guests, including your family pets, by providing friendly and courteous assistance to help make your visit exactly how you hoped it would be. This hospitality service is all about people and making them happy!

Our location in the heart of the Rideau Canal Waterway is also quite impressionable. A beautiful lake surrounded by many get-back-to-nature sites that can be enjoyed in the winter or spring, summer or fall. We are of the opinion that the Rideau Ferry Village is absolutely ideal for any type of traveler, whether fisherman, golfers, full families or a couple ready to relax.‚Äč

We offer many benefits such as: waterfront access, expert travel information such as ferry schedules, bilingual service (French and English), boating, docking and launching facilities which are within 3 minutes of your front door.

All your fishing needs including live bait, tackle, maps and guides (by appointment) can still be obtained right on-site at our Bait & Tackle Shop which is currently under renovation. Wait 'till you see what we have in store for you!

We are completely committed to our customers and have full faith that our location, our accommodations, and our sincere dedication will impress even the most weather worn travelers!